Social media marketing is quite the norm in the modern digital age.  It has become a bit of hype. Most people today tend to focus much of their time in front of their computer screens and mobile phones. In lieu of such trend, companies and entrepreneurs alike now look into digital marketing. Doing so, they found a great way to reach out to their target market and they gained a new audience at the same time.

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs and business companies are so focused on traditional ways alone to market their products and services. Although those ways still give positive results, many are getting much more inclined to invest in digital strategies like social media marketing.

There are a lot of social media platforms in the World Wide Web today. All of them provide a good avenue for online content marketing. However, there are those platforms that will give marketers an edge in the advertising field. These platforms reportedly give great immediate results. The reason? Studies have shown that they are way more trending worldwide compared to the other platforms.

Here are the top 5 best social media platforms for digital marketing…

1. Facebook

It is undeniable that Facebook is quite the standard among all social media platforms. Estimates reveal that as of March 2016, the platform has about 129, 658, 552 users in a month. More than millions of people access their Facebook accounts daily. In the United States alone, 71% of adults maintain a Facebook account. Meanwhile, 83.6% of the daily active users are reportedly from outside the US and Canada.

Since its introduction in 2004, Facebook has become more empowered for business. This makes it more convenient for companies and entrepreneurs to invest in Facebook for digital marketing. The platform now has a few e-commerce features and improvements. It has introduced a buy button and an improved video streaming performance. Facebook ads have also become more accessible to any kind of businesses.

2. Twitter

Twitter is one of the top 10 websites in the US alone. Worldwide, it has about 320 million active users. The platform allows your business to connect with literally anyone who has a Twitter account.

The thing with Twitter is that tweets come at a 140-character limit. You can, however, work this to your advantage by tweeting about your brand in a clear and concise manner. This immediately gets your point across to your target audience.

Need a great advice for making it big in Twitter? Your tweets must exhibit relevancy, personality, and brevity.

3. YouTube

Monthly users in YouTube are reportedly about 215,690,880 as of March 2016. Usage of the platform has apparently boosted to 40% since March 2014. Latest statistical reports show that it has over 1 billion users. This is almost 1/3 of all the people who have access to internet.

YouTube has become a staple in the digital field when it comes to video-sharing. It is a great avenue to liven up your brand. It is now the go-to site for people seeking how-tos and other visual answers to their deepest day-to-day questions or concerns.

The platform reaches out to your customers at a whole new personal level. Consider the possibilities by anticipating your customer’s wants, needs, and future queries. Use YouTube to give them answers in a unique and visually engaging. Show everyone the full extent of your brand’s personality.

4. Instagram

Instagram has about 400 million active users in a month. Daily users amount to an estimate of 75 million. Engagement rate for brands are reportedly 58 times higher than on Facebook and 120 times higher than on Twitter. Users are 2 ½ times more likely to click on Instagram ads compared to ads in other social media platforms.

Instagram prides itself on highly-appealing visuals. Posts include images and short 15-second video clips. Their clickable hashtag system is the norm if you want to effectively boost your presence. It can make your reach a certain group of audience with whom you can market your brand or service.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest monthly users are about 66,933,192. More than 14 million articles are reportedly Pinned daily.

This platform is rapidly becoming a huge driver of site traffic. Businesses should really consider the benefit of engaging with their customers via Pinterest. The platform highly favors recent items so be sure to update your content regularly AND frequently.

Pinterest is a niche-oriented social media platform. So if your brand or service caters to a particular type of audience, this platform will be very suitable for you. There are pretty nifty ways to use the platform for your business. With Rich Pins, for instance, you can add special details like product information and location maps to your Pinnable posts.

The top 5 mentioned above are proven to be highly effective for online content marketing. Nevertheless, there are various other social media sites that can likewise do great wonders to your brand or service. Consider more possibilities with the following platforms:

The good thing about these social media marketing platforms is that they can be incorporated with each other. This makes it easy to maintain and update them. Twitter tweets can be set to automatically come up as Facebook posts, and vice versa. Additionally, you can integrate social media sharing buttons to your blog and website to enhance traffic and interactivity.