In the book entitled “Driven”, the authors, Drs. Paul Lawrence and Nitin Nohria of the Harvard Business School, explained a theory. This theory was coined as “The Four Drive Model”. It suggests that employees are highly motivated to work if their four main emotional needs are met.

Try applying this theory when dealing with your team of virtual employees. Studies show that they make wonders in any work environment. Here are the four complete and elemental drives to enhance team efficiency:

  1. The Drive to Acquire. Employees have personal goals. Help them achieve these goals by complimenting their satisfactory efforts with appropriate material benefits. It can be in the form of status, bonuses, material incentives, or other cash benefits.
  2. The Drive to Bond. Each team member wants to feel that they are really part of a team. Make them feel that they belong by encouraging open communication with each other. Hold team meetings, discuss problems, give out constructive criticisms, and provide praises whenever suitable.
  3. The Drive to Comprehend. This is also known as the drive to learn. Your employees are individuals who are curious about new knowledge. They want improve and learn more about the field that they’ve chosen. Help them by promoting an environment of exploration and understanding. Provide tips from time to time. Trainings are also ideal.
  4. The Drive to Defend. This is a latent drive compared to the previous ones mentioned. It has to be stimulated by threats. Threats don’t actually mean attempting to demote or dismiss the employee. Promote friendly competitions. Give out challenges. Do performance evaluations. Make chances for your employees to prove their worth. This drive makes them understand that they have to work hard in order to achieve their goals.