There are companies who focus on just simply writing content for blogs and websites. Studies reveal, however, that they’re mostly the companies whose site traffics are merely steady. Most of their subscribers are the ones who are very niche-specific. Meanwhile, there are companies whose site traffics are constantly increasing at a rapid phase. They’re the companies who often think out of the box and do more than one way to market their brand.

If by any chance your website traffic and brand subscribers haven’t been growing much lately, perhaps it’s time to level up your game. Reach out to a newer audience with these four proven ways:

  1. Turn your content into a video. Yes, this will most certainly give you an additional task or one more virtual assistant to add to the team. Nevertheless, this proven and tested way will give your content quite a significant boost in marketing. There are already a lot of online video sharing platforms nowadays. You can start with YouTube or Vimeo. Search engines, like Google, have given a space for videos on their results pages. Thumbnails are included on the video results. This SEO trend significantly attracts an increase on click-through rates; thus, allowing more and more audience for your content.
  2. Present some slides. Slide presentations introduce your audience into a new marketing format other than the usual written site posts. If you can manage a Powerpoint presentation or two about your content, upload them in SlideShare. How popular is SlideShare? A statistics from revealed that it has about 50 million visitors per month and 90 million pageviews. Surely, those numbers will mean additional audience for your content.
  3. Convert content into a .pdf file. This method has the tendency to optimize your brand presence both online and offline. Upload .pdf file versions of your content into popular file sharing sites like Scribd, Docstoc, and DocDroid. This enables your audience to download your great content and share them to a newer audience. You may also increase the number of your leads by introducing your .pdf files into your sites and giving your audience the option to subscribe and have the files sent to their emails.
  4. Make your content into an image. Informative images go well with various audience. Such images are generally known as infographics (or informative graphics). The online platforms in which you can share these images are now abounding. For instance, there’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, and many others. Who wouldn’t like infographics? They’re appealing, short, sweet, and concise versions of your content. They’re easy to read and highly shareable.