The ‘#’ (pound) sign was generally known in Mathematics as the number sign. In musical notes, it signifies the sharp note. To the carefree laymen, it is a Tic Tac Toe board. But then social media happened and the sign started to be known for some other uses. It is now labeled to as a ‘hashtag’. Lately, businesses have found this hashtag system to be very beneficial in social media marketing.

At first, the hashtag was used in IRC chat as a label for groups and topics. ‘#’ is added before a string of texts. This sign apparently made it easy for users to find the labels during a search. Time passed and Twitter was introduced. The next thing everyone knew was that Twitter made the hashtag a mainstream phenomenon.

If you are an entrepreneur or businessman looking to market further online, below are reasons why you should be Hashtagging. The system is quite an effective strategy for social media marketing.

  1. Branding.
  2. Brand exposure.
  3. Enhances visibility of products and services.
  4. Helps you become a trend in the world of social media.
  5. Helps social media platforms stay organized.
  6. Helps you interact with people at certain niches.
  7. Helps you discover people under your chosen niche.
  8. Makes it easy to follow topics of one’s interests.
  9. Connects people at an event.
  10. Filters messages or conversations with the same context or thought.
  11. Gets fast, easy and relevant search results.
  12. Draws attention to your content.
  13. Promotes your content, blog, or website.
  14. Improves your clickthrough rates.
  15. Makes it easy for your target audience to find your brand.
  16. Great system for conducting research.
  17. Provides easy monitoring of your field competitors.
  18. Can be used to add humor and personality to your brand, service, or content.
  19. Serves as easy links to search queries.
  20. Makes it convenient to get updated with current trends.
  21. Enables you to monitor your customer’s whereabouts, interests, and concerns.
  22. Helps you analyze the needs and wants of your target market.
  23. Helps you realize what you are missing in the field.
  24. Helps you conduct an online feasibility study.
  25. Gives customers the impression of humanity in your business and that you belong with them in their “social media world”.

So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of the hashtag system.  Look forward to the great results in your social media marketing.