If you’ve been consistently doing any of the strategies mentioned below yet your marketing results are on the verge of being dormant, it might be time to change your game plan.

  1. Social Media Content. People always want to talk about something interesting. This makes it a good avenue for digital marketing because people will want to share compelling and relevant information with their friends. At this digital age, social media marketing is at the top list of every company. Everyone wants their brand to be scattered all over the world wide web.
  2. Case Studies. These are proven strategies that are documented and compiled for publication purposes. They’re often in the form of online content that talk about a company’s business platforms along with their corresponding results.
  3. Blogs. The world of bloggers is often overrated. Regardless, blogging is still one of the best ways to market content online. People have a knack for reading about something that interests them. If something sounds good online, they will want to try it in real life.
  4. eNewsletters. This is just like sending traditional newsletters to customers by express mail. But since it’s the digital age, most companies now connect with customers via email. eNewsletters are more convenient because there’s no limit as to the length of the content. Also, companies can insert links that will easily lead customers to the appropriate websites.
  5. In-Person Events. Companies know the significance of building reputations both online and offline. Focusing on virtual presence and recognition alone just won’t cut it in this modern age of tough brand competition. In-person events make it sure that companies are able to reach out to their customers at a personal level.
  6. Website Articles. This is just like blogging. The only difference is that blog posts focus on certain niches while website articles are strictly brand-related.
  7. Videos. People love to watch a good video. If a video is interesting enough, they will share it all over social media. This is one of the easiest ways to promote brands online.
  8. Illustrations / Photos. A compelling image appeals to the emotions of the target audience. This marketing strategy is quite challenging. Companies will have to come up with a very appealing design concept. In addition, the concept must never go beyond the vision and mission of the brand being promoted. There are companies who have failed in this strategy upon publishing exaggerated illustrations of their brands.
  9. White Papers. Investopedia defines a white paper as “an informational document issued by a company to promote or highlight the features of a solution, product or service.” White papers are generally in the form of marketing documents. They are distributed to customers before a sale.
  10. Infographics. Oxford Dictionaries literally described infographics as “visual images, such as charts or diagrams, used to represent information or data.” Infographics are basically informative graphics. They present facts in a colorful, clear, and concise manner.