Having a blog or a website with which you promote your brand or business can be strenuous. The things you do for the maintenance alone can take up much of your precious time. However, with the best plug-ins for your business blog or website, you can save much of your time and dedicate the extra hours instead to some other important things.

In this article are 8 of the best plug-ins for your business blog or website. They are the ones chosen by most bloggers. What’s more is that they have helped boost the marketing impact of many online entrepreneurs nowadays.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is probably one of the most respected plugins when it comes to SEO. It has advanced on-page analysis, custom Meta description, and keyword tagging. Additional helpful features for your site are: no follow, no index, and no dir tags. You can add these features to the site as a whole or to individual posts and pages. Basically, you gain control of your site or blog’s SEO such as tag pages, archives, category, author profiles, and custom post types. This plugin has a lot of other features that were proven and tested to be very helpful.

2. Google Analytics

Online businesses nowadays don’t seem to be complete without this plugin. Why not? It’s a free and very convenient tool. With it, you can see where your audience is mostly coming from as well as how your site stands with them. Knowing such facts can let you optimize your site to boost click-through rates.

3. Sucuri

Any blog or website owner should know that a blog or website needs some form of security. Spammers, phishers, and hackers abound in the World Wide Web today. Sucuri, however, will do the job for you and protect your blog or site from these online threats. This plugin has a web application firewall. Your blog or site will be protected from malware threats, hacks, DDoS, XSS, and many other forms of virtual attacks.

4. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

So you already have a security plugin for your blog or site. It cannot be avoided, however, that there are well-experienced hackers who are bored and looking for a site to hack. Your blog or site can be a victim. Don’t just rely on the admin dashboard for backups and restoration if your site has been damaged. In the event that your site or blog is hacked, you won’t be able to save it anymore. But, if you have the helpful plugin we just mentioned, you can rest easy. This plugin lets you back up files offsite, be it to Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP, Amazon S3, your email, and many other outlets. Site restoration with this plugin is also easy.

5. WordPress Image Hover Lite

This plug-in is quite handy and cute. It’s similar to most social media plugin buttons. The difference though is that you can have not just one but multiple social media sharing buttons. This enables social media sharing because it basically hovers over any image in the blog or site.

6. Jetpack by WordPress.com

If you have one or two social media pages that you want to incorporate with your blog or site, then this tool will serve you best. Simply integrate you social media accounts and the plugin will do its job. Your posts will be automatically published to your social media pages as well. The plugin is very light so it won’t cause a lag on your blog or site.

7. Contact Form 7

What’s a good business blog or site if customers don’t have an easy way to reach you? Hence, this plugin is quite essential. It’s free and it has over 12 million downloads. With this plugin, providing customer support is convenient.

8. Woo Commerce

This plugin is perfect for every online entrepreneur who wants to offer their brand or services directly from the blog or website. This is one significant e-commerce plugin! With this, you can accept payments under multiple methods. Also, the checkout process for your customers is smooth. There are also e-commerce themes for you to choose from so you can present articles and reviews in an engaging way. Other features include Paypal integration, Google Analytics integration, discount coupons, free shipping, and cash on delivery option. The plugin also boasts of advanced yet easy to use administration panel. With this plugin, being an online entrepreneur will be less taxing.