One of the artists responsible in boosting online presence are the writers. Here is a list of writers performing business or organizational functions:

1. Copywriters

Are the marketing content guru, their work are showcased in brochures, direct mail advertisements, product descriptions and press releases. They also write content for general businesseslike website content, blog posts, newsletters, sponsored articles, case studies, and white papers.

2. Technical writers

Are writers best known in creating user manuals for both external and internal users of a company and system documentations. They also write business content such as proposals and progress reports.

3. Medical writers

Are writers responsible for medical and pharmaceutical content such as procedural content, educational material, and marketing copy. This type of writers requires an abundance of scientific and regulatory knowledge since it is considered as a very specialized field.

4. Ghostwriters

Write content that are credited under someone else’s name. They are obliged not to reveal their identity and are usually anonymous. Any type of writer that published his work under someone else’s name are all ghostwriters.

5. Grant writers

These are writers that write applications for grants from non-profit and commercial organizations. They usually assemble proposals for funding from the government, charitable trusts, or other outside entities.