It is undeniable that social media is the number one hype in this digital age. Because of this hype, more and more businesses have advanced into the field of social media marketing. Those who have long been engaged in the field are already at a great advantage with their brand promotions. For those of you who are yet to grasp the significance of social media for your business, below are ten ways on how social media can help your brand.

  1. Learn more about your target audience. Social media makes it possible to interact with people at a deeper level. Turn this to your marketing advantage. Get to know how old most of your customers are. What are their likes and dislikes? What are they looking for? What makes them tick?
  2. Attract new audience. The power of social media to gain followers never fails to amaze everyone. Geo-targetting, a social media feature, enables you to market to a specific audience via demographics. This is an effective way to gain new followers from those areas where your brand is not yet known very well.
  3. Promote your brand effectively. Offers for Brand promotions in social media platforms are usually very affordable. Moreover, they are proven to be really efficient. In Facebook for instance, there’s this feature to boost your post. Every boosted post that you create increases your chances for better brand recognition. A boosted post will appear in the news feeds of various accounts.
  4. Market content in a fast and hassle-free way. With social media, it’s a whole lot easier to share information. Simply post an interesting content in social media, attract one or two influencers, then let your target audience or brand community do the talking.
  5. Increase site traffic and SEO. Marginal organic search traffic alone just won’t serve you any better in this age of rapid marketing competition. In this generation, it has now become very ideal for business owners to market in social media. If you have a website, social media can do you a lot better than you could think of. It provides an easy way to direct audience to your website. Also, your brand’s SEO ranking improves with each post shared by your followers.
  6. Generate leads at zero to very low cost. There’s this valuable call-to-action in Twitter called “Download”. This is a very powerful feature for companies to generate leads in a truly cost-efficient manner. Share free gated content that require your customer’s email for download. Every new access to such gated content earns you a new lead.
  7. Earn the trust and loyalty of your audience. Your social media page will serve as a bulletin for your audience. This bulletin must show reasons for your customers to trust you. Encourage your loyal customers to post or comment positive testimonials on your page. This way, you can build a loyal community for your brand. At the same time, you can also earn the trust of a new audience.
  8. Connect with your customers easily. Social media is probably the best way today to reach out to your customers. Almost everyone already has a social media account. Social media for business provides customers an easy avenue to voice out their concerns and feedbacks. In return, business staff and owners are able to interact back conveniently to these customers.
  9. Convert reluctant customers into believers. There will always be customers who are hesitant to try out your brand. These customers are mostly the ones who are probably loyal to one of your competitors. This is just how business competition goes. But, if you’ve already established that good reputation in social media, you might just be able to turn these nonbelievers into trying out your brand once and for all.
  10. Monitor your competitors. Stay ahead of the competition by monitoring your competitor’s repute in social media. There are a few social media plug-ins that will allow you to keep track of mentions of your competitor’s brand. Find out what they’re doing as well as what they’re not doing. This way, you can think of better strategic ways to market your brand further.